Artistix Pro 12 x 12 Carrier Sheet Cutting Mat For The Brother Scan N Cut ScanNCut

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Artistix Pro 12 x 12 Carrier Sheet Cutting Mat For The Brother Scan N Cut ScanNCut

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Artistix Carrier sheets for the Brother Scan N Cut

*Now with a white backer to improve scanning performance*

Pro range medium strength multi-purpose mat

Sheet size 12 x 12

Artistix cutting mats are designed to cut most commonly used crafting materials. Each mat has just the right level of tack to securely hold your material during cutting ensuring crisp clean cuts in any media however intricate

The tack is also extremely forgiving with delicate materials allowing easy removal from the adhesive surface

The Pro mat is a true multi-purpose mat that is perfect for a wide range of materials from patterned paper to cardstock

Flexible durable matt white backer backer to protect your machine and extend the life of your blade and for crisp sharp images when scanning

Multipack option allows you to have one project cutting while working on another


Recommended materials

Printer paper

Patterned paper




Iron on

Glitter cardstock


Magnet material


Tips and tricks

To easily remove cut material from your mat, gently bend the mat until one edge of the material releases. Slowly remove enough material to grasp, then place mat and material on a flat surface and pull the mat away from material until released

Remove material from the mat using an upward motion, rather than pulling it back over the top of itself. This will help prevent the cut image from curling

Remove all negative pieces around the cut image and then lift your image off the mat using a plastic spatula

When your mat is new, just use your fingers to lightly press the material onto your mat

When your mat is worn in, use more pressure, or use a brayer to help your material stick to your mat

Keep your hands off. The oils in your fingers quickly contaminate the adhesive on the mat, causing it to lose its stick. Try to avoid touching the adhesive if possible


Care and attention

After each use, clean all media from your mat and replace the dust cover to keep the mat surface free of paper scraps and dust.

Never store a mat that still has media attached to it, as the mat adhesive will absorb unwanted fibres.

Baby wipes contain moisturiser which can weaken the adhesive

Alcohol wipes can neutralise the adhesive

To refresh the mat use really light tack masking tape/lint roller to remove dust & fibres but only when the mat start to lose its strength & not between every cut. Test the masking tape on a small area first. If the tape is too strong it can pull the adhesive away. Also it needs to be lightly dabbed, just enough pressure to remove dust & fibres

Don't use solvents anywhere on the sheet ever.

When the tack is completely flat the mat can be washed with hot water to and left to dry. This can regenerate the adhesive a number of times

Laying the sheet dust sheet down under a heavy book when not in use also helps re-constitute the adhesive and stops the sheet from warping.

The sheet and markings are designed to last longer than the adhesive but if you plan to re stick the mat please take care as the machine will not recognise the mat if it is warped or the registration marks are damaged


Product Code12&M70ZS38
ManufacturerArtistix Direct

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5


I had read previous reviews and thought I should try the mats myself as the price is so good. I can honestly say they are the excellent, the adhesive is far superior and they work so well on my scan n cut. I definitely recommend them and I will be using them from now on.Sandra Peterson (10 Jun 2018, 10:33)

Carrier sheet for Brother scanncut

Received my sheet on Saturday, love it have cut several things on it and you wouldn't know. So much better than the Brother mat, will definitely be ordering the 12 x 24 Beverly Hannent (4 Jun 2018, 10:35)

Cutting mat for scan & cut

These mats are absolutely fantastic to use, they are very sticky but you can get your projects off them quite easily. Like all new mats no need to burnish heavily as with others and they last. Hooray for Artistix who seem to have the glue just right, next time pack of three without a doubt. I would strongly recommend these mats to all they are value for money.Christine Rhoades (2 Jun 2018, 14:46)

Scan n Cut mats

These new mats are amazing. I liked the old ones but these are even better. Put a new blade in my machine and with the new mat it was a joy to craft. Great service too only took a couple of days to arrive and was well packed. Thank you. PAMELA SQUIRES (2 Jun 2018, 07:59)

Fabulous cutting mat

I have been using the brother cutting mats 12 x 12 and 12 x 24 and both need spraying with an adhesive spray after even one use. I was really dismayed with the mats until somebody on Facebook recommended artistic mats. They are the best thing since sliced bread. Follow the cleaning instructions and you won't have any sticking issues. I am now going to irder a 12 x 24. Well done artistic *****Annette Waldron (1 Jun 2018, 14:04)
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